Women In Business of Fashion

What is the future for creative women and how women can be more involved in leading fashion business

The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Every year, the clothing and textile industry nearly doubles in volume. It’s one of the few social structures that is not only available but a necessity for almost every family, no matter their income level.

It’s also an industry that is often beyond the criticisms of gender inequality. In comparison, the technology industry is constantly in the hot seat for being a male dominated field and for its constant, persistent, and public dismissals and mistreatment of women within the field. Meanwhile the fashion industry is often viewed by the general public as being the opposite. Due to the gender recognition that often comes with being fashion savvy, a lot of people think that this is an easy career for women.

They’re wrong! Just because there isn’t a major news story covering the fashion and textile industries every second Tuesday doesn’t mean that it’s a women powered career field. In fact, it’s not even a field that has an even amount of men and women in leading roles.

Despite what some people think, the majority of the influential fashion houses are owned by men. Not only that, but the top ten highest paid CEOs in the fashion industry are all male, too! They also all have a business degree. The structure of the fashion industry simply allows for this to be glossed over. It’s time to make a change in that. We’re entering the year 2022 soon, and it’s time for women to become more involved in leading the fashion business.

So, how do we actually accomplish that? For one, we need to try and innovate the idea that women can’t get business degrees. Not only will it give us a step up when it comes to accurately running our own fashion houses, but it will provide us with more of a solid reason for why we shouldn’t be dismissed so easily.

Nearly thirty years ago, Donna Karan launched Seven Easy Pieces. There was nothing quite like watching her advertising campaign with Rosemary McGrotha. It showed us that we could accomplish anything; that we could make a mark on this industry, not just the same way as our male cohorts, but in a deeper and more integral part manner.

After all, you can remember the moment that Rosemary McGrotha was sworn in as president… but can you recall any Calvin Klein advertisement with that much clarity? I don’t think that you can.

She accomplished that by refusing to fit into the rules that were laid out by this male led corporation. Donna Karan ignored them, carving out her own space, and inspiring an entire generation of fashionista’s. Somewhere between the eighties and now, we seem to have lost that drive. We have lost that visibility. It’s time that we take it back.

Women are taking advantage of the newly updated models of social media, using platforms like Twitter and Instagram to help spread the word of their fashion debuts, and to keep the public interested in their lines. It also allows designers to form a closer connection with their clients – something that many of the male “lords” in the industry have yet to try and take advantage of.

By latching on to the more open and public form of the industry, female designers will be able to build up a larger fan base, a bigger cluster of support, and more continuation than their male counterparts. We’ll be able to start working towards leading the fashion industry the way that we have always been supposed too, reclaiming a part of the industry that should never have been stripped from us in the first place.

With each year that passes by, women have more tools at their disposal to help get into leading positions. The fashion industry, while not one that is spoken about nearly as frequently as the gaming or technological industries, is still one that’s rife with inequality. It’s time that we put the power back into our own hands and start making waves within the fashion industry!


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