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The Colour Trends That Will Brighten Your Closet – And Your Mood!

Spring is in bloom, and summer is right around the corner. We can already smell the sweet aroma of the beach. While our Pinterest boards are full of summer inspo, our closets are still living in the colder months. May is the perfect time to shake up your closet and jump on the latest colour trends.

Colours have a secret power that will instantly change your mood. While we have our signature colours, there are a few that will instantly brighten your closet and transform your mood. We’re sharing the spring/summer 2022 colour trends that are more than just a fashion statement.

1. Green, Green, and More Green

There’s no escaping green this season. This colour trend is getting bigger than ever after being reinvented by Bottega Veneta last year. What we love about green is how universally flattering the colour is.

Green is a colour that can give you a sense of safety and calmness. While it’s famously the colour of good luck, it can also make you feel more grounded and renewed. It’s a must-have colour for spring and summer as it represents new beginnings and can help inspire your creativity.  

While every shade of green is making a ‘pop’ this season, shamrock green is our go-to. Add it to your closet with our split front skinny trousers.


2. White Isn’t Just for Brides

Build your summer tan and let it take centre stage with a blank canvas. For spring/summer 2022, white isn’t just for brides. White is a colour that brings a sense of peacefulness to your day, making it a go-to choice for days when you want to relax and unwind.


It’s effortlessly chic and the perfect way to boost your serotonin levels. An oversized white shirt is a closet staple, and we’ll be packing our high-rise white denim shorts for our summer vacation.


3. Elle Woods Pink

Whether you’re a Barbie girl or want to channel your inner Elle Woods, this season is all about pink. While pink is a feminine colour, it’s shown to be a calming colour that is playful and nurturing.

Our gingham cropped top is a summer essential and perfect for styling with white denim. Want to go all out? Step out in our irregular pattern blazer and trousers in bubble-gum pink.

4. Periwinkle Purple and Lilac

The 2022 Colour of the Year is periwinkle purple – and we couldn’t love it more. Pantone described it as a ‘symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through’. If you’re starting a new chapter in your life, do it in style with a purple outfit.

An oversized purple blazer is a signature piece you’ll reach for every season. Keep it casual with a summer dress, or go all out with a matching pantsuit moment. We love purple as a colour that symbolises peacefulness, serenity, and femininity.

What colour trends are you jumping on this season? Which colour instantly lifts your mood?

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