We are inspired by the Earth

Mother Nature is a woman because she creates, nurtures, and provides for the people of the planet. We respect her by empowering other women to make better and more responsible choices.


Nearly all of the products we sell are hand-selected for their sustainability credentials. We take the time to consider each item’s impact on the planet so that women like you can shop safe in the knowledge your new item won’t cost the Earth.


Shop our eco-friendly products, share your purchase and spread the word for sustainability.

Our Responsibility

At LE CLUB ELLE, we make it possible to shop smart while protecting yourself and the planet. We have made a promise to our customers to seek products that fulfil strict sustainability criteria. At present, 80% of our homeware items are crafted by eco-friendly suppliers, a number we are looking to improve year on year. By 2025, we hope to provide an exclusively sustainable shop. Meanwhile, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, helping you do your bit for mother nature. We invite you to join us in our mission by sharing your latest sustainable purchase online.




Le Club Elle

Hey you! We are always looking for talented people to join our Club! Our goal is to become bigger and better everyday!

Please send us a copy of your CV and a Cover Letter at jointheteam@leclubelle.com and we will get in touch with you if your talents match our needs in the future.

Who We Are

Made by women for women, LE CLUB ELLE is on a mission to empower self-expression through affordable, smart, sustainable, stylish items.

The Club was created by two women in their 30s. Having lived in multiple countries, we have embraced the cultures, needs, world-views, and values of women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Our incredible journey to meet the world ultimately led to the creation of our club.

We have experienced life as girls in the 90s, paid our dues as students in the 00s, and built a successful career as independent women over the past decade. Now, as we enter into the 2020s, we want to welcome a new era – one where being a woman is a privilege, a power, a pride, and a gift.

We love people, food, and travelling. We believe we can make a positive change for equality in the world, by standing in solidarity with others like us. We love what we do and looking forward to welcoming you to our club.

Le Club Elle

Le Club Elle is an eco-conscious online department store, established in 2021.

We provide a range of luxurious homeware, clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products for the modern femme. We stay on top of the trends and seasons so that you don’t have to, hand-selecting products specifically for their sustainability.

We only feature retail brands that are known for their depth of design and quality. It’s important that any brand we partner with is aligned with our vision and mission: to provide aesthetic and sustainable goods at attainable prices. Many of the brands we partner with are also women-owned, from independent artists and creatives to ethical businesses and manufacturers. This way, we can ensure each one of our items provides long-lasting quality in its new home.

Our products are designed to make you look good and feel even better while doing your bit for the planet.


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