Sustainable Ways To Support Eco Living In Fashion Industry

How fashion businesses can improve their processes to support eco-living, help the environment, and save the planet!

Have you ever heard about sustainable fashion? It’s a fairly new aspect of the fashion and textile industry, but it’s one that’s making a lot of waves all the same. Because of the rapid change in how our environment is being treated, and the impact that a lot of large scale companies leave on the world, the fashion industry is currently working on developing more ways that it can be Eco-conscious.

At first glance, it might seem like the fashion industry is only focused on setting trends and coming up with killer designs, but we’re actually a lot more than that. There are countless fashion houses that have started to put a priority on poverty, peace, security, and even on environmental aid. It’s taken a lot of time, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of test runs, but the industry is finally starting to figure out how to connect all of these things together and place it into a visible collaboration that the common viewer will be able to see.

The fashion industry is a lot more complex than people give it credit for, as it has over sixty million workers throughout the value chain. That means there are a lot of people employed in the industry – and a lot of jobs to consider whenever any change starts to get made. But it’s finally time that the industry starts to redesign its layout!

Fashion houses are working to become more mindful of the environmental pollution, exploitation of nature, and diminishing natural resources that their companies affect. To start with, there is a much stricter adherence to the International Labour Organization standards now than there had been back in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. That means that workplaces are becoming safer, and the industry is becoming more mindful of how child labour and slavery on foreign soil affects the products being used in their clothing. Sweatshops have finally had a spotlight shined down on them, and the major moguls of the fashion industry are doing what they can to cause shutdowns at a rapid pace.

About the time that this change was made, right? But that’s not all!

 The fashion industry is also starting to take the fair treatment of animals into consideration. Notably, French fashion designer and icon John Galliano has just announced that his line would be completely ditching fur due to the inhuman way that it’s often harvested en mass and negatively impacting the treatment of animals worldwide. He’s begun to explore newer fur alternatives, something that has only recently become accessible to a lot of companies. There’s very little doubt that this is going to be a one icon stand, either. As is often the case, we’ll likely see other fashion designers come out and back John Galliano’s stance in the weeks to come.

 Another huge boost to the Eco-conscious turning point of the industry is the term ‘transparent fabric’. No, we aren’t talking about fabric that you can see through – although that is sure to make a splash no matter where you go! Instead, we’re talking about the fact that fashion designers have started to share their policies, business models, and the supply chain for where their fabrics are coming from. This increased transparency is crucial, as it’s helping trace supply chains back to sweatshops across the world. This has led to the shut down of several large sweatshops and has ultimately pushed for change in the way that the fashion business, as a whole, is conducted.

 These are just a handful of the small ways that the fashion industry is turning more Eco-conscious. As always, we should be pushing those at the top bars of the industry into constantly doing better, striving for a greener tomorrow, and making sure that their products aren’t leaving a negative impact on the people, animals, or nature which are used to create them. As time continues to pass, it’s certain that the industry will continue to both grow in scale and push to better itself.


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